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Facebook vs. Instagram Marketing: What’s the Real Difference?

If you’re like most marketers, you’re probably using Facebook and Instagram to target your customers. But how different are those strategies? Are they nearly the same? They shouldn’t be.

This webinar is about how you can tailor your marketing to both platforms to truly maximize their potential. Join us on Thursday, July 30th, 11 AM ET, 5PM CET.

We’ll cover the following:

  • What advertising formats work best on each platform
  • Where do marketers spend the most money and why
  • What mistakes will cost you most and how to avoid them

About the Panelists

Mantas Ciuksys
Mantas is the Director of Content Marketing at Socialbakers. He leads our content marketing strategy and tackles content planning and execution challenges daily - now all done remotely.

Amelie Winkler
Amelie is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Socialbakers, responsible for monitoring market trends and driving go-to-market strategies. She understands the needs of digital-first businesses today better than anyone.

Maria Izakovicova
Maria is a Campaign Manager at Socialbakers with years of experience managing Facebook advertising. Her practical knowledge of the platforms is invaluable and she can answer any of the tricky questions you have.