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Connecting All the Dots - Earned, Owned, Paid Media

Data is everything, but today there’s so much data that it’s easy to get stuck just trying to make sense of it without really getting to a point where it is actionable.

This webinar is about learning how to end data paralysis and connect the dots between earned, owned, and paid media. Join Digimind and Socialbakers’ subject matter experts in a webinar Connecting All the Dots - Earned, Owned, Paid Media on Thursday, July 9th, 12 PM EST.

We’ll cover the following key areas:

  • How to effectively use listening for earned media analysis
  • How to ensure your team is analyzing the right metrics
  • How paid media analysis fits into the context

About the Panelists

Mantas Ciuksys
Mantas Ciuksys is the Director of Content Marketing at Socialbakers. He leads our content marketing strategy and tackles content planning and execution challenges daily - now all done remotely.

Greg Burgdoerfer
Greg Burgdoerfer is the Vice President of the North America region at Socialbakers. Greg has led the sales and client success team in the NY office since 2018, driving major results in overall team growth and business development for the USA and Canada. Prior to his time at Socialbakers, Greg managed new business and sales strategy at Meltwater. Greg is a former professional athlete and a military veteran.

Monica Raszyk
Monica is the Director of Product Marketing at Socialbakers. She and her team focus their energy on seeing marketing from every angle (market trends, customer insights, sales intel, oh my!) to define product value messaging that everyone can rally around. Working strategically across marketing, product, and sales is a cool place to be every day. 10/10, would recommend.

Vincent Corbo, Digimind
Vinny is an Enterprise Account Consultant at Digimind and has been on the team since 2016. He has worked with Enterprise brands such as Diageo, Johnson and Johnson, Cargill, and Hershey’s on various use-cases ranging from brand reputation analysis to trend tracking and innovation. Vinny says his favorite type of use cases to tackle for his clients is trend tracking and innovation in order to identify trends pertaining to their audiences, products/services, and the industry itself. This not only helps brands to stay relevant and competitive, but also helps them stay connected with their consumers. “Many customers I've worked with have developed new products and new content through trend tracking and have seen tremendous success.”